Seasonal Tips from Lebanon Veterinary Hospital

At Lebanon Veterinary Hospital, we are committed to giving you all the tools necessary for excellent pet care, all year round!


If your pet gets scared or stressed out during thunderstorms in the spring, we recommend using Thundershirts to help alleviate loud noise anxiety. We also offer medications that can calm your pet and allow them to remain comfortable when things get noisy.



If your pet goes outside to play on a hot day, make sure he has plenty of cool water to drink, and a shady area to rest in. Don’t forget to check on your pet regularly and lock your gate if you have a fenced in yard – this not only keeps him from wandering out, but it keeps predators like coyotes from coming in. Never leave a pet in a hot car, even if the windows are cracked and the car is in the shade. Temperatures in a hot car can rise to 120 degrees on a 78 degree day.


Products like antifreeze and rodenticides, and household plants like lilies and holly, are toxic to pets if ingested. Antifreeze has a sweet smell and taste that is tempting to our pets, and rodenticide often looks like food or treats. If eaten, lilies and holly can cause seizures, heart rhythm problems, or even be fatal. Play it safe and keep all houseplants far out of reach of your pet. Make sure chemicals are sealed properly in their containers and kept in safe places that your pet can’t get into.



If your pet spends time outside during the winter, make sure to take precautions so your pet will avoid getting frostbite. The tips of his ears and nose, pads of his paws, and any exposed skin is the most susceptible to frostbite. If you see areas on your pet’s body that are tender or swollen, these could be signs of frostbite. Bring your pet inside right away, contact our practice immediately, and let us help your pet.


Been to the vet many times with all my furry friends Dr.Z is amazing always able to patch up all wounds and make all feel well and the office staff is very good at making all visits when needed. all and all the whole staff is very helpful and caring I would never trust my animals with anyone but Lebanon Vet.

- Stephanie R.

The staff was very easy going and friendly. The Vet listened to me, didn't make me feel rushed, and was very good with my large pit/ mastiff that most people muzzle at first sight even though he is a marshmallow. He worked with us to treat our older dog in a way that was in our dogs best interest, and worked for us as a family without pushing any extras. I will be switching all my pets here!

- Elisabeth H.

Dr.Z and staff are the best knowledgeable, compassionate, and caring.
When we visit LVH I know my fur baby is getting the best care around.

Thank you Dr.Z and staff for your dedication.

- Dominick B.

In my 50 years of having indoor family animals or outdoor farm family (and wildlife too!) I have never had a more brilliant, caring, thoughtful, honest and educating veterinarian like Dr. Zickman. Cindy and all of his staff have always been so accommodating and caring, as if we are their own family members. I will forever be grateful and never leave here.

- Karen O.

I have been taking my babies to Lebanon Veterinary Hospital for the past 10 years. I have had pets all of my life and I have never dealt with a better staff. Everyone there is very compassionate and very knowledgeable. The facility itself is extremely warming and the technology is modern. I am SO pleased to bring my babies there.

- Michelle G.

We Love our Vet! The staff here understand that these are not our pets, but cherished members of our families. My human kids needed a great pediatrician, my harry kids need a great Vet. We have that here, and I can't begin to tell you the trust we have in Lebanon Veterinary Hospital.

- Ann S.

Very professional and caring. My "senior citizen" kitty Regis was given excellent care, and is happy back at home now.

- Chris C.

I had my first visit last week and was extremely pleased with the serice I received. Everyone was friendly and answered all my questions. I am looking forward to having my dogs taken care of by all those who work at Lebanon Veterinary Hospital.

- Laurie M.

This hospital has been nothing but friendly and considerate. They have been there when I needed them and when I called after hours they still answered the phone. I will always take my furbabies to them. Dr Zickmann and the office staff are great.

- Rhonda A.


Lebanon Veterinary Hospital

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