Pet Dental Care

The team at Lebanon Veterinary Hospital knows that dental care is a very important aspect of your pet’s overall physical health. The tarter and plaque that build up on teeth can become life-threatening, causing not only pain to the mouth and gums, but also causing toxins to leak into the blood stream and affect the health and functionality of vital organs. Because tarter and plaque removal is so important, we perform regular, annual dental checks along with your pet’s overall physical exam and we often recommend dental cleanings. Dr. Zickmann may occasionally need to perform tooth extractions on pets whose dental disease has become too severe.

You Can Help

There are ways you can help prevent dental problems. Dr. Zickmann enjoys providing dental care education to pet owners who are concerned about their pet’s oral and physical health. Some of his recommendations include:

  • Using products and foods that promote dental health
  • Feeding your pet kibbles rather than wet food
  • Using toys that are designed to clean teeth gently
  • At-home tooth brushing

He recommends beginning to brush your kitten’s or puppy’s teeth as early as possible to get them accustomed to it. If you would like more specific information or education about at-home oral care, please contact our team today to schedule a visit.


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